Wednesday, April 25, 2012



So the girl has been busy yeah? 

Being a style icon, reality tv star & most recently, Judging shit (Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model ) 
If all of the above is not enough (betch) she is also launching her signature collections  WHITNEY EVE & W.E BY WHITNEY EVE at MBFWA ...  whoooooo 

Fair to say I am #totes #excited #hashtag
Pretty sure the last time girlfriend was in town I got a bit girl crushing on her ass and blogged about it too.  

Apparently her collection distinctively demonstrates her inherent creativity and knack for style. Influenced by her Los Angeles upbringing and her time spent in New York City, the collection combines a relaxed Californian style, with the perfect balance of edginess straight off the streets of Manhattan.

Anyhoo... I can't wait to check it out on Monday evening at THE BOX.   You kids may have have to wait a little longer... (insert evil hehe- joking)  August to be exact.   Hoping for some front row action so I can instagram a sneak peak  of that shit quickly! whooo  

Peace out 

lainy lainy 


ps - i guess this is my first "official" MBFWA blog post.  Fingers Crossed more to come for me.  I really can't guarantee it.  whooo  only 5 more sleeps. 



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