Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I did a photoshoot. It was for Fashion Journal. Fashion Journal is a really good magazine. they are online too. Leah is the editor. This is a picture of us. She is really nice.

I worked with Benn Wood for the first time. I liked him alot even though he made fart noises all day. I want him to be my friend. He is a good photographer.

Monica Gingold is my friend. She did pretty make up on the module. The modules name is Sarah. She is with Scene. Scene has lots of modules.

Monica reckons I have surfacia like her friend - a disorder that people have when they cover every surface with stuff. Surfacia is not in the wikipedia so it's not true. I'm sure Monica's friend just made it up.

My other friend is also my assistant. His name is Julian. He is a good assistant. He wore his Loubitin's. He got them from Mr Porter

That made me feel jealous. I think I need these to make me feel better about my life.

(Jeffrey Campbell available at Apex Shoes!)

I had a second assistant too. He is on work experience. His name is Max. He has a blog. His blog is really cool.

this is some of the clothes I used in my photoshoot.

I can't wait for the full shoot to be out next week - ish.

Thank you for listening Mr Diary, you are the best. The End.

x lil lainy

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  1. oh, it's not just Mr Diary who's listening, I am too!! I'm glad there's finally a name for my disease because I have surfacia too. Can hardly even get through my room cos of all the stuff on the floor!