Thursday, May 19, 2011

Australian Fashion Guide at RAFW PLS like only 1 day left! :D

Australian Fashion Guide (AFG) embodies all things fashion apparently.

so they may be running a competition.... (AFG street style at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week)

perhaps check out there website here and like their facebook page here! :D

That way... you can like this pic of me (also pictured below) at Day 3 of RAFW. (mental note - must improve being in photo skillz)

it would be amazing if you humoured me and 'liked" my pic so I feel like less of a loser as they are running a competition based on votes - eek!! LAST DAY TO VOTE! argh!

Peace out,

x Lainy

ps - I'm ok with not winning... I just don't want to come last. :D (smile with teeth!)

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