Tuesday, April 19, 2011

damn you milano damn you london ...

Much like i haven't been able to commit to a single blog post this year ...
apparently now i am not able to commit to a single shopping purchase also!?!?!
WTF !?!?!?! and u call yourself a stylist... pfft.
yup... i have visited 2 of (arguably) the best shopping cities this world has to offer.... and what do i have to show for it!?
A ridiculously healthy credit card balance ... that's what...
Damn you London and accidenti a te milano ? (hmmm hopefully that isn't lost in translation) with your excessive choice! This would never happen back home..
Ahh... Bricklane, Topshop, Alexander Wang, via monte napoleone, Stefanel, H&M , ,Isabel Murant, Urban Outfitters, Dolce $ Gabanna, Portobello Market, Buenos Aires, Furla, Yves Saint Laurent, Notting Hill (no sign of hugh grant), Liberty, Zara, Beyond Retro, Selfriges, Harrods, Piazza Duomo via Corso Vittorio Emanuele to Piazza San Babila and Harvey Nics.... you have paralysed me with overwhelming joy... im just a lil old girl from a small town down under ...
even milan design week didn't save me .. but in my defence.. I do blame the overwhelming choice on offer. we really don't have that much on offer in the land of OZ!!?! (why? How can I ever return!? PS)
id be lying if i said i wasn't indecisive ... but this really has never happened before? i'm usually really really good with my credit card!?!?! performance anxiety perhaps!? i feel like a middle aged balding man with love handles who has managed to hit the jackpot with a cute blonde twenty something but now not able to get it up!?

damn you Selfridges with your fancy shoe gallery. I actually knew what shoes i wanted until you confused me by showing off your big fancy shoe (displays)

So thanks Milan and London... not only am i several kilos heavier because I've been "eating" because im on "holidays" but I have absolutely nothing to wear to RAFW .... so ill be naked and several kilo's heavier at Fashion Week - awesome.
designers- i know that sounds really appealing ... so please... feel free to fall over yourself and my (somewhat) bigger ass to dress me for RAFW (May 2 - May 6th) :D I promise i wont ask you if your dress makes my bum look big ...

Peace out, ciao ciao,

x Lainy

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