Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nan + Wasson = Scanlan

Whilst in NYC recently, I was touched by the work of Nan Goldin...

Her work is raw, confronting, beautiful and evoked feelings within me that will stay with me forever...

Ten photographs/ A snippet from her previous work (The Ballad of Sexual Dependency) are currently on view at MoMA’s Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography exhibition...

At first glance her work is simplistic, but her imagery is so emotionally charged and personal it is hard not to go a journey through her highs and her lows ...

so it was a pleasant surprise to discovered that Nan Goldin had also shot my ultimate, ultimate - the stunningly stylish Erin Wasson for Scanlan & Theodore SS10 Campaign ...

Check out Nan Goldin's beautiful imagery of Erin Wasson and Scanlan & Theodore's SS10 range here...

x L

Monday, September 20, 2010

my little pony ...

I've been rolling around town with my little pony since June this year.. only to discover recently its actually a zebra ... oops.

Zebra is a design of spell and was a gift from Luciana ... sister of spell!

I heart Spell. I discovered them a while back whilst stomping around in Byron Bay.

Lucky for you they have an online store... check it out here.

x Lainy

BTS | Fashion Journal #98 | Bertie Blackman Shoot

Since I heart Bertie Blackman so much ...

I thought these BTS shots from FJ # 98 shoot i did with her a while back deserved to see the light of day...

Bertie was a dream to work with....

I had met her several times... at random things... each time prior I had managed to make an absolute twat of myself... awesome... This time around though... i totally managed to play it cool and refrained from telling her about how much i love her and how i have blogged about her. Amazing!

kudos to the following for giving me clothes n shoes n accessories n stuff ... much love

peace out lainy xx

Stockist -

Cherry tree road
Comeback Kid
Lion in Love 03 9415 1466
Metal Couture

Seven souls

Crew -
Producer – Leah White (@ Fashion Journal |Editor)
Photographer – Emily Abay
Stylist | Elaine Marshall
Hair + Make up | Monica Gingold
Photographer's Assistant | Phillip Papadis
Styling Assistants | Julian Sorazkiewicz, & Lucy Rosenberg