Tuesday, April 13, 2010

chin down, eyes to me, relax your mouth, tilt head, shift left, arch back.... skinny arm!


to all the models out there... you (always have but forever will) have my respect and admiration... (peeps - while great models make it look easy - it really isn't !)

I recently found this out... when I unwillingly (I may have needed professional shots for something!) found myself in front of the camera ... AWKWARD!!!!! (kinda like an upside down baby turtle)


A big SHOUT OUT to the amazingly talented ladies who managed to make me look half decent...

Emily "EBAY" Abay - I really didn't give you much to work with... so THANK YOU - you truly are amazing! check out her really really ridiculously good work click here!

Monica Gingold - your application of make up skillz are incredible! your make up is freakin flawless... you are soooooo goddam good! Check out her prudy work here

It's always a pleasure working with you two... so thanking you again, I am forever grateful...

peace out

x Lainy


  1. You look gorgeous Lainy!
    I should probably tell you my friends who saw the piece on you and Emily (on our blog) thought you were both models....

    Anna xoxo


  2. i love these shots!:)
    you look very natural in front of the camera even if you didnt feel it!
    xo dani