Friday, April 16, 2010

Birthday Box

Ok so my birthday was some time ago now... but...

I recently received the most spot on (belated birthday) gift ever all thanks to one of the most amazingly thoughtful, considerate and caring friend/colleague....MISS EBAY!

Thank you... For not only knowing that I needed to repurchase my tool box after loosing a lonely wheel (Just between you and me ... I think she knew I kept "forgetting" my kit on shoots as it was no longer wheel-able) in THAT car crash on that hellish morning on our way to the Friends of Couture shoot ... but for also finding the EXACT same tool box (only betterera!) ... you made my day... just when I needed it most!

Seriously though, how could i call myself a stylist without my box of tools ey!?!?!

peace out,



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