Monday, March 22, 2010

Death by Fashion

So I am styling a parade this Thursday night ...

peace out

x Lainy

Saturday, March 20, 2010


This morning I dragged my sleep deprived ass out of bed to attend the TRRM at Fed Square in the hope of getting a glimpse of girl crush Whitney Port, most famous for appearing in MTV's the Hills and spinoff The City.

The lovely lass dressed in a navy & white nautical stripe tee from TARGET, is too, a fan of the purposeful clash (see Mikey Adler!!!) and matched it back with a designer leopard print skirt - HOT!

I owe you a better pic (care of ALP photography!) as yup... camera still broken!! D'oH! However, in the meantime if you squint hard enough...

Now, while I am somewhat heartbroken that I didn't get close enough to obtain photographic evidence of me with the lovely fashionista, I am happy with the look alike that AMPR sat me next to....

Now I don't know if I have heatstroke or Whitney Port fever but I do think that the lovely Kobi Lagana (and new girl crush) is strikingly similar!

Kobi is the Australian correspondent for NY based pub - Runway Passport and the brains behind Free Radical. Free Radical is an unpaired molecule. Although capable of an independent existence, It floats through space in search of wholeness.... apparently!

Get the down low on the low down here

Anyways, I best be off, I must pick up new bestie Kobi on the way to the offical wrap party in an our second attempt to get a pic with Miss Whitney... if this fails we have agreed on photoshop-ing her in.. wish us luck!

Peace out



Monday, March 15, 2010

you call yourself a blogger...

Ok … so it turns out … there is much room for improvement with regards to my blog posting skills… (ok so I am the lamest blogger ever)

In my defense… over the last bit … I have been up against it.. (sort of)

here are the excuses..

1. Broken car (RIP ril red racer)
2. Broken mac
3. Broken camera.
4. Broken Iphone
5. 48 hours with all of the above broken at the same time :(
6. February was my birthday month
7. Working working... and more working
8. Dealing with mentally unstable new landlords (pfft to you)

Hmm so close to ten… what else…

9. Christmas/new years/the break
10. It was hot and busy and stuff

But I am (finally) back… with brand spanking mac and jazz ready and willing to blog again…

I heart …


Yay! The fashion festival is in full swing ... so much to do ... so little time! For all those with an Iphone... download the LMFF app now so you don't miss a beat!

Also refreshing to see smiling models in their campaign collateral this year!!


Brainchild of Moth design, this is not to be missed!

Penthouse Mouse PHM is a temporary fashion store, arts and events space (open daily from 11 - 9pm until 19th March 2010) giving young Australian designers and artists the opportunity to show us what they got!

Part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, opening night, fashion racquet and the midmouse runway were all amazing! Images from opening night and the midmouse runway can be found on fashionising

If you haven't already got in the mix.. check out the live photoshoot on Wednesday night.


Happy 1st Birthday! Thanks for such a fun night! (free alcohol gets me every time!)

Pics from their birthday party here


New issue out now ... I may have styled cover and denim special. (And if you look real carefully might see a pic of me in there too!)

Bark Magazine

A new mag that has just launched. Created by creative people for creative people. Check it out! (Available at Magnation.)

And last but not least… a shout out to my beautiful friends for birthday love and hooking me up with such a lovely necklace. And a special thank you to William from Metal Couture who turned it around so quickly!!! (After discovering that my name was not Isabelle!)

That is all.

Peace out