Saturday, December 5, 2009

To blog or not to blog...

I have been asking myself this all goddam year...

Today I have decided to join the bandwagon and blog my little heart out.

As I am new to this... I am undecided as to what the content of my first post should cover....

Should I plug Down Yonder? I went to their wrap party on Thursday night. They gave me free vodka.

Or should I tell you about Fashion journal #95 ... I styled the cover
Yes Mum there was styling involved - I totally decided that Gadir (@ Academy for Men) should only wear leather Jack London pants and shit hot Metal Couture By William L Griffiths.

Or should I tell you my sexilicious friend Ruby (@ Giant) is on the cover of Spook?

Or should I just show you some hot pics that Terry Richardson shot for Harper's Bazaar?

I heart Chuck Bass, I heart Terry Richardson, I heart Gadir, I heart Metal Couture, I heart Down Yonder, I heart Fashion Journal, I Heart Ruby.

I think i am going to like this blog thing...

peace out


Down Yonder
Fashion Journal
Metal Couture
Academy for Men
Terry Richardson

Ed + Helena oooh lala

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