Monday, December 7, 2009

A little Behind the 8 Ball ...

After deciding to blog... I also decided to blog quite regularly. Unfortunately... my second post didn't make it to cyberspace at the time originally planned.

I started drafting this blog well over a week ago, but due to silly season festivities and trying to buy a new vehicle (RIP rittle red racer - i miss you so much already) I am a little behind the 8 Ball.

So in light of this... a few highlights from my last post...

I HEART Bertie Blackman!

I throw my panties on stage for Bertie! Bertie Blackman live is freakin amazing!
She headlined Big Dog Entertainment's The Boroughs.
Check out interview she did with Beat TV here.
Did I mention she was amazing? She was wearing bike pants at The Boroughs gig. I heart bike pants.

While on the subject of bike pants I just bought a black pair with lace trim from American Apparel ...

Unfortunately... they don't look like this on me. Doh!
I think I need to ride the bike before I rock out the bike pants.

oh and shout out to the big dog boys for my comp tickets! Ta!

Some pics below .... clearly i am not a photographer... i do clothes .... but hell i gave it a crack... and worked with vodka affected vision and cracked Iphone screen....


Went to Trimapee QV Store opening...
Hot product. Hot space. Interesting concept. Learn more about the concept here.

Make sure you check out their new store.


The Trimapee After Party and the After After Party were a bit network network...

All the cool kids were there...

I finally met Rhys Ripper (Academy for Men) in person... You are a rockstar.

A few prudy pics ...

Prudy pics care of Zac Steinic...

And Finally.....

Keep an eye out (and buy it dammit!) for new issue of FASHION TREND

check out the fashion pages i edited! Whoop!

peace out


PS - Gadir - OMFG! Congrats! WHOOP!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

To blog or not to blog...

I have been asking myself this all goddam year...

Today I have decided to join the bandwagon and blog my little heart out.

As I am new to this... I am undecided as to what the content of my first post should cover....

Should I plug Down Yonder? I went to their wrap party on Thursday night. They gave me free vodka.

Or should I tell you about Fashion journal #95 ... I styled the cover
Yes Mum there was styling involved - I totally decided that Gadir (@ Academy for Men) should only wear leather Jack London pants and shit hot Metal Couture By William L Griffiths.

Or should I tell you my sexilicious friend Ruby (@ Giant) is on the cover of Spook?

Or should I just show you some hot pics that Terry Richardson shot for Harper's Bazaar?

I heart Chuck Bass, I heart Terry Richardson, I heart Gadir, I heart Metal Couture, I heart Down Yonder, I heart Fashion Journal, I Heart Ruby.

I think i am going to like this blog thing...

peace out


Down Yonder
Fashion Journal
Metal Couture
Academy for Men
Terry Richardson

Ed + Helena oooh lala